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I just received my sons school newsletter this week and with great achievements and profits from the school fete at the end of last year all rooms within the school now have interactive whiteboards.

As schools move progressively into a digital learning environment, interactive whiteboards are being widely adopted in primary and secondary classrooms.
Connected physically to a computer and a projector by a USB cable, or wirelessly using technology such as Bluetooth, the whiteboard display typically emulates the computer mouse and keyboard and is operated by using a special pen, or finger touch, depending on the model. Either front or rear projection models can be used and software is available to support all learning areas.

Do you feel that this is a good idea?

Some teachers can overuse them or do not know how to properly use them.

Please list your thoughts below.

6 thoughts on “Interactive Whiteboards

  1. I think an interactive white board can be a good tool, it’s all about how you use them. Are the teachers focusing on the tool, or the learning? That will tell you if they are being used properly or not. I can imagine horrible lessons with our with out a white board or interactive one. I personally almost never use a white board during a lesson, I’m a bit more hands on and interactive than white boards generally allow. That said, I’ve never used an interactive one. Maybe I wouldn’t despise white boards so much if there was more interaction and student input built in.

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  4. I know and totally understand where you are coming from I have been in classrooms where teachers do not use the interactive whiteboards for the purpose of learning and are focusing more on the tool or the setting up of the tool which already takes away half of the lesson.
    If instructed well and set up properly I feel that interactive whiteboards are a great teaching instrument for student learning.

  5. I absolutely think its great that the classrooms all now have an interactive whiteboard. The possiblities are endless for learning using this ICT. I remember using it alot on my last prac in a prep class. I used it to display a short story that I had written to reinforce the concept of taking away 1 (the kids love the animations I used and it was big enough for the whole class to watch at once), I also used it for physical type session where I put on some music youtube clips and the children danced along to them (the clips coincided with the weeks letter theme) and I also used it to show the changes in our class silk worms under the digital webcam because I could zoom in on them and it sparked whole class dicussions. It was the best ICT I have used so far. It really engaged the students. 🙂

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